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Mick Foley demonstrates the humane way to respond to Roman Reigns suspension

WWE SummerSlam 2015 Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images

Nobody gets a reaction like Roman Reigns.

That’s been the WWE’s company line on their now former World champ since WrestleMania 32. And while it became as annoying as any other slogan JBL or Michael Cole repeat ad naseum, there was some truth to it. The range and volume of responses to yesterday’s news about Reigns’ 30 day suspension for violating the company’s Wellness Policy is proving it once again.

Whatever it was that triggered his first violation of the policy - and it could be one of any of the seemingly hundreds of things listed on the company’s website - the prospect of no Roman until approximately July 20 has his haters celebrating, and his supporters heartbroken and defensive.

I’m not here to tell anyone you’re reacting wrong. I have chuckled at some Tweets I maybe shouldn’t have, and had friends tell me they’re quitting watching WWE because of the situation and the responses of some fellow fans. For reasons that would take a longer thinkpiece to discern, anything related to Reigns triggers something akin to a debate over religion or politics.

But I have seen someone reply to the situation in what I would consider to be the right way. I don’t know if Joe Anoa`i will take WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley’s advice. I don’t know if the Roman Empire or the “Never Reigns” movement will consider this brief message from one man to another before their next Tweet or comment.

It’s worth a chance, though.

Thanks, Mick.

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