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Rusev tells ESPN how Lana is ‘marrying up’ and the real story of his WrestleMania tank

For some crazy reason, ESPN got the Rusev DA GAWD to show up on SportsCenter this week, and only had he and his fiancée Lana on for one segment with Jonathan Coachman during “Off the Top Rope” (watch it here).

Still, it was a nice spot for both the United States champion and the soon-to-be Total Divas star. Unsurprisingly for anyone who’s ever seen the Bulgarian Brute do... pretty much anything, Rusev owns in the four or so minutes the couple gets with Coach.

After playing it straight about how much WWE they got to watch growing up abroad (Rusev in Bulgaria; Lana in Russia), Coach gets cute and asks RuRu how he landed a beautiful woman like the Ravishing Russian. The champ doesn’t miss a beat:

Lana is marrying up. I’m a really handsome guy, if you haven’t noticed, and I feel like you disrespected me there.

Coach apologizes, and they move on to Rusev’s memorable WrestleMania moments. He takes credit for repaying Steve Austin for punching and stunning him this past April by messing up Stone Cold’s shoulder, and reveals what happened with the prop from his entrance the year before:

Vince McMahon was so impressed with my performance, that he gave me a tank for a present. So I get to drive it around when I’m off, you know Wednesdays and Thursdays at home. It’s very big on gas consumption, but I worked it with the city of Nashville pretty good.

Wrapping up with a rapid fire round, the player in Rusev comes out:

Coach: Favorite part of traveling together?

Rusev: Nightime.

He even manages to cover what could have been a slip when answering the flip side of the question:

Coach: Least favorite part of traveling together?

Rusev: Daytime.

Lana: Nothing.

Rusev: We’re still working it out.

As mentioned above, their appearance is brief - which only means you have pretty much no excuse for not watching it.

In fact, the only downside I can see is I’m pretty sure I’ll have to watch Total Divas now just to make sure I don’t miss out on any RuRu magic.

Long live DA GAWD.

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