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Awards Show John: Cena adds Teen Choice 2016 to his Summer hosting duties

Not only is 15-time WWE champ John Cena a nominee for “Choice Male Athlete” at the Teen Choice 2016 awards show, he’s also the co-host.

WWE announced today that Cena will follow-up his ESPYs gig by sharing emcee duties with Nickelodeon’s Victoria Justice for the July 31 broadcast.

The show will air on the last Sunday in July on FOX. There’s no location listed in either the story or on the website, but Los Angeles seems like a safe bet. WWE will be touring the Southeast that weekend in the wake of Battleground, which takes place on the 24th.

There’s a bunch of information on the Teen Choice site about how you can vote for Cena and all the nominees by using social media, but not only has this 40-something never heard of half the folks up for awards, but it also involves hashtags and possibly emojis, all things I have it on good authority I both don’t know how to use properly and am too old to be messing with anyway.

But you kids have fun with it.

ANYWAY... this also builds Cena’s résumé as a variety show performer. Talk show host or guest, event master of ceremonies - John’s your guy.

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