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TNA Impact results, live blog (June 21, 2016): Hardy’s Revenge

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TNA Impact is back tonight (June 21, 2016) from Orlando, Florida. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans and viewers.

Tonight, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy face off in a cage, the Maria Kanellis/Dixie Carter saga continues, Jade faces off against Marti Bell, and newcomer Braxton Sutter will be back in action. There’s also guaranteed to be fallout with Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter after EC3 inadvertently cost Drew the title.

We’ll be here at 9 EST when Impact will hopefully be starting but you never know, maybe I’ll have to live blog a bunch of commercials for 2 hours instead. Either way, we’ll be here, so come join us!



Tuned in early and That 70's Show is finishing up. It's giving me horror flashbacks from last week.

EC3/Drew Galloway/Lashley segment

Drew Galloway walks to the ring. He says he should be World Heavyweight Champion but he's not because of one man: EC3. He demands Carter come to the ring.

Carter obliges. He tells Drew he had no intention of costing him the title match and he tells Drew he's sorry. Drew say she's not looking to blame EC3 but he's looking to fight him. Galloway accuses EC3 of coming out because Cater thought he should be in the title match and not Drew. Carter reminds him that he shouldn't have taken the match because he's been wearing himself out and burning the candle at both ends.

Drew says EC3 should be thanking him because he represented the company. Carter is angry and tells Drew he takes back his apology - he deserved to lose because he put himself in an unwinnable position. Drew then accuses EC3 of being an ass kicker to get where they are. Carter had enough and tell him they can go right now.

Lashley comes out, enjoying these two at each other's throats. But he wants to stir the pot and tells EC3 should be to blame. Both Drew and Galloway want to defeat the other and then get Lashley. Lashley makes a deal that if Drew and Ethan win a tag match as partners, they'll get a title shot. If not, they go to the back of the line and Lashley's partner gets a shot. They accept.

Eli Drake comes out to politick his way to that match. Lashley accepts.

Drake & Lashley vs. EC3 & Galloway

Carter and Drew have control for a bit until Carter is tossed into Lashley and Drake takes advantage. EC3 is in trouble for a long while until he can finally tag in Galloway. The match breaks down and ends up with Carter hitting the One Percenter on Drake. Drew was legal so he shoved Carter aside. Ethan took a spear from Lashley after that, Drew knockedLashley from the ring, and then pinned Drake for the win.

EC3/Galloway def. Drake/Lashley


Backstage, Crazzy Steve and Abyss are asking Rosemary about someone she's been talking to. She tells them to "trust us."

Backstage, Lashley approaches Galloway, who is finally smiling since he has another title shot. Lashley reminds Drew that he still holds all the cards.

Decay/Bram segment

The Decay come out. Rosemary says while death is what they offer to most, there is one person who they want to offer life. She asks Bram to join them.

Bram comes out. Abyss and Steve aren't too please but Rosemary asks them to trust her. She wants Bram to trust them too. Bram admits he's confused why he's out here. She says that they are the same as him, solving problems with violence and shunned by society. She says they understand the pain he felt when all his partners left him.

Bram says "he ain't no freak." She says that wasn't the answer she was looking for. As Abyss holds her back, Steve spits the mist in his face and they beat the hell out of him. As they hold him up, she tells him they aren't finished with him until he decays, decays, decays.


Backstage EC3 comes up on Lashley. Lashley reminds him as well that EC3 is not in control. He is. Bobby tells Carter he'll get his title shot when he says so.

Jade vs. Marti Bell

Marti comes out first and Jade then runs down the ring to take it to Marti. And one point she grabs the baton that Marti brought the ring, the same one that cost Jade the title, but Earl Hebner convinces her not to use it to avoid DQ. She goes back to work on Marti, who has had little offense in the match. Marti gets control for a bit, but Jade takes it back.

Outside the ring, Marti is in the Electric Chair and Jade slams her face first into the apron. Jade goes back into the ring and not wanting a count out, goes for a suicide dive on Marti. However, Bell grabbed the baton and hit Jade with it with the ref obscured. Marti picks up the 1-2-3

Marti Bell def. Jade


Backstage, Dixie Carter tells Lashley he's not making the decision, she is. She tells him he's defending the title in a triple threat against EC3 & Drew next week. Lashley smiles and tells her "no problem."

Maria Kanellis/Mike Bennett & Billy Corgan/Dixie Carter segment

The Miracle and Maria comes out. He talks about how heartbroken he was when he saw the love his life get slapped by Dixie Carter. He refers to it as "assault." Maria said she couldn't sleep all week. She demands Dixie Carter come out and explain herself.

Dixie Carter & Billy Corgan come out. Dixie tells them anybody watching or who had been in her shoes would have done the same thing. Maria says all she did is speak the truth. She demands an apology. Dixie says the she regrets that she let her get to her and for that she apologizes. Maria says when she did the same thing, she was punished so that's not enough. She demands Dixie step down. Mike Bennett says that his dad is a lawyer and they could bring the company to a screeching halt.

Billy Corgan tells Dixie they have some points and Dixie put them all in a difficult position last week. He says he's not siding with Maria and Bennett but is trying to defuse the situation. He requests Dixie take a leave of absence for a week to cool down and he's doing this thinking of the company.

Dixie says "This changes everything" and leaves.

Bennett then tells Corgan he deserves a title shot. When Billy informs him they already have a main event for last week, Bennett says give him an X Division match so he can cash in Option C at Destination X. Billy gives Bennett a title shot against Eddie Edwards right now.

Mike Bennett vs. Eddie Edwards for the X division title

Mike Bennett has a tough time keeping up with Edwards and the X Division style. The Miracle uses a distraction from Maria to use his power to control the match for awhile, but Edwards fires back up. Once again, the Miracle has trouble keeping up. At the end of the match, Eddie goes for a sunset flip but Bennett turns that into a pin that he holds the ropes (and Maria holds his hands.)

Mike Bennett def. Eddie Edwards to win the X Division title


Backstage, Robbie E is sitting alone in the locker room. He goes through Jessie's bag and fines his iPad that he can watch all the cameras in the build and sees Raquel talking to Jessie about something Jessie feels guilty not telling Robbie about.

Braxton Sutter is fight a masked man but then Rockstar Spud comes out. He's upset that he's been sitting in catering as this "Johnny come lately" gets an opportunity. He boots the masked man and takes his place in the match.

Braxton Sutter vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud actually has control early on, but Sutter fights back and hits the jumping Flatliner for the win.

Sutter def. Spud

Braxton extends his hand afterwards. Spud tells the crowd "He belongs here" and shakes his hand but then kicks him in the nads. He then whips Sutter with his studded belt and spits on him.


There's a video package of Sienna talking about who she is and that she's ready to destroy Gail Kim, who she will face next week.

Brother Nero vs. Broken Matt Hardy in Six Sides of Steel

Matt Hardy controls a lot of the match, using chairs and ladders as weapons. He also bites Jeff a lot. Jeff fights back a bit, but Matt regains control. He sets up Nero for a Twist of Fate but Jeff hits Matt with two low blows, two Twist of Fates, and a Swanton... and Matt kicks out! It must be the 7 Deities!

Jeff sets up a table, puts Matt on top of it, places two steel chairs on top of Matt and then opens a table and puts it on top of Matt! Jeff sets up a ladder on the top turnbuckle and climbs to the top of the cage... and dives through the tables! He then covers Matt for the win.

Jeff Hardy defeats Matt Hardy


That's the show, folks! That 70's Show comes on afterwards so I'm going to need to turn this off immediately before I start getting the chills.

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