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TNA Impact Preview (June 21, 2016): Hardys in a Cage!

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TNA Impact returns tonight from Orlando with an advertised Hardyz cage match and a few other announced happenings. Here are five things we’re wondering about tonight’s episode:

1) How crazy can Broken Matt Hardy get in a cage?

Last week, after Matt had lost to his brother Jeff at Slammiversary, he pushed him down a flight of steps (via railing) into a table. Clearly his issues with Brother Nero weren’t settled after the pay-per-view or after 5 minutes of teeth chattering in a hotel room.

Given how Broken Matt Hardy has become, how crazy will he be in the confines of Six Sides of Steel? There are no synthesizers for him to grab from under a ring like he did at Slammiversary, but his crazy knows no bounds. We’ll need to watch out for how his insanity is manifested in this match.

2) Whose side is Billy Corgan on?

Last week, Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett got into a big verbal confrontation with TNA owner Dixie Carter. The First Lady accused the owner for running the company into the ground (getting meta!) and the end of it resulted in her receiving a slap from Dixie.

Tonight, Maria Kanellis wants answers from Dixie. But what I want answers about is regarding Billy Corgan. He’s seems to be pretty buddy/buddy with Bennett and Maria. In fact, after Dixie slapped Maria and left, Billy stayed behind with Maria and the Miracle in the ring. This could be the start of a power struggle.

3) Is Braxton Sutter back to squash matches?

Braxton Sutter is back in action tonight. The new Impact star is 1 & 1. He had a squash match win on Impact two weeks ago. But when he went against TNA original James Storm last Sunday, he came up short against the veteran. That match could have been added on because they had to scrap the women’s match due to the injury to Maria so it’s possible that loss was not part of the initial plan for Sutter. We’ll find out tonight if he opponent is closer to an unnamed opponent or some who has more impact such as Storm.

4) How pissed off is Drew Galloway?

At Slammiversary, Drew Galloway lost his title to Lashley when Lashley choked him out. He immediately cashed in his rematch for last week’s Impact. EC3, who tried to talk him out of using his rematch so soon, was at ringside since he has intentions for the TNA title as well. When the ref went down and Lashley tried to use a chair, Carter interfered to try to stop him. Unfortunately, when he tried to use a chair on Lashley, he missed the mark and he hit Galloway.

Galloway has a very understandable argument that Carter helped cost him his title during the rematch, leaving Drew at the back of the line for the TNA title. Will Drew understand that Ethan was trying to help him when Lashley tried to cheat, or will he be too hot to fully understand? This is something worthy of Carter and Drew facing off, but perhaps Galloway is the forgiving type. Or perhaps he’s so angry, he going to tap into his dark side.

5) How long will Marti Bell stand between Jade and her title?

Jade lost her title to Maria’s muscle Sienna at Slammiversary when Jade’s old Doll House mate Marti Bell hit her with a pipe. Last week, in an interview with Jeremy Borash, Bell talked about how she was upset that Jade threw a 10 year friendship away for the title. That interview didn’t go long because Jade interrupted and the women brawled. They will match up against each other tonight.

Jade’s title run was a bit underwhelming but she’s due a rematch against Sienna. It’ll be interesting to see if that rematch is going to end up being part of her feud with Marti Bell, or if Bell is just a quick diversion before Jade completely refocuses on the Knockouts Title.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 9 Eastern (hopefully) on PopTV. Who’s watching?

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