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Shield Triple Threat to main event Battleground

WWE on Twitter

Well, we’ve been asking for it since Seth Rollins hit Roman Reigns in the back with a chair two years ago... and we’re going to get it, for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Nobody really thought it would happen at a B-level pay-per-view (PPV) like July 24’s Battleground however.

When tonight’s main event #1 contender’s match between Reigns and Rollins on Raw ended in a double countout, Shane McMahon announced “that’s not how we do things in the ‘New Era’”. But before the co-General Manager could send things to sudden death or schedule a rematch, new WWE champ Dean Ambrose announced that he’s hardcore - he’ll take ‘em both.

So Shane O’Mac declared that a Triple Threat WWE title match would main event in Washington, D.C. in a little more than a month.

Then the champ hit Dirty Deeds on both his brothers to end the night.

The Battleground move looks suspect, especially with SummerSlam a few weeks after, but as the first big show after SmackDown goes live and WWE splits the rosters, it is an important show to ensure folks are watching.

WWE will do that with a dream match between the three members of the most dominant faction in their history.


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