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Wyatts return on Raw, kick off feud with tag champs The New Day

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Bray Wyatt, or any of his acolytes, on WWE division.

The Eater of Worlds went down with a calf injury in Europe, and while he recovered, Erick Rowan & Braun Strowman were also pulled from action.

Shortly before Raw tonight (June 20), WWE revealed the Family (minus Luke Harper -who’s nursing his own injury, a knee, and will be out a while longer) would be returning. The were teased with vignettes throughout the evening, and then we finally got Bray’s signature “Phoenix... we’re here” after 10PM Eastern.

Greeted by his “fireflies” and a “Welcome Back” chant, Wyatt grabbed a microphone and declared his family stronger than ever. Then...


Your two-time WWE tag team champions appeared to tell the Family to “cut it”... when they weren’t mesmerized by Erick Rowan’s big booty.

Bray declared that interupting his return would ensure “New. Day. Falls.” And it looks like a pretty stacked tag division has another contender.

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