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Sorry dads, Rusev ruining Titus O’Neil’s Father’s Day was amazing

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He may have gotten the “kill time until the basketball game is over” spot, but he’s not the television champion for nothing, ladies and gents.

United States champion Rusev went out in the “death slot” in between the Money in the Bank ladder match and Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight championship in Las Vegas last night, where allegedly he and Titus O’Neil were tasked with filling up minutes while waiting for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors to finish playing basketball so Rollins’ (and Dean Ambrose’s) title wins could get as much attention as possible. Not only did they deliver an okay match, but, thanks to some classic and timely heeling by the champ, got social media buzzing themselves.

RuRu is a treasure, as he demonstrated once again by not only defeating Titus to keep his United States title, but also mocking the “Dad of the Year” winner in front of his kids on Father’s Day:

He didn’t stop by taunting the O’Neils at the show (although, one of Titus’ boys got in a nice chop in response to the above trash talk) - he continued on Twitter after the pay-per-view (PPV):

Not sure seven years is long enough for this man to reign.

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