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Watch Miz, other Cleveland wrestlers react to the city’s first championship in 52 years

Dolph Ziggler on Twitter

It was a big night for Ohio, and while they’re probably not unhappy for Cincinnati’s Dean Ambrose and his WWE World Heavyweight championship victory, the big news happened Northeast of the town the new titleholder calls the “Nasty Nnati”.

On the shores of Lake Erie, they’re celebrating a pro team winning the top prize in their sport for the first time since 1964.

Several WWE wrestlers hail from Cleveland, and are members of that city’s proud if beleaguered fan base. Tonight, they were marking the f*** out for the Cavaliers’ NBA title win.

Intercontinental champ The Miz tried to stay in character, and mostly succeeds, but he’s so dang happy:

Bonus points to his better half Maryse, who continues to be the spirit animal for spouses who couldn’t give two sh*ts about their partner’s sportsball obsessions yet support them anyway because they love the person who loves the team:

My husband made me wear this shirt today, he's also making me watch the game, i guess i'm #allincle

A photo posted by TheRealMaryseOuellet (@therealmaryseouellet) on

NXT and EVOLVE star Johnny Gargano’s fiancée and indy wrestling sensation Candice LaRae gives us an example why... because sports nuts are so darn cute when the people wearing their favorite colors win:

Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler has to make even his excitement into a stand-up routine:

Seriously, and this involves no small measure of tongue-biting from this Steelers’ fan, congrats Clevelanders. Enjoy it.

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