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Bayley: I want to join the WWE main roster


The last rumor we heard on Bayley's future was that she would be staying down in NXT for a few more months to build to another women's title match at the Takeover event planned for SummerSlam weekend in Brooklyn. That would make sense, considering she's one of the biggest drawing cards for the promotion.

But with the WWE brand split coming in July and top women needed for two separate brands in Raw and SmackDown, it would seem there is no better time for a call up. And while there may have been a time when she was happy to promote NXT as the place to be in interviews, she's making no bones about her desire to get called up to the main roster to work with some top stars she has her eye on.

When asked by the Nashville Scene what's next for her:

"Well, I am excited to come to Nashville. It's one of my favorite towns and the crowd was so amazing last time. And I want to join the WWE (main roster). I really wanna have a match with Natty. She's been there and she's been a women's champion. And Nikki Bella after she comes back."

This isn't the first time those two names have come up in an interview, either. Here's to hoping she gets her wish sooner rather than later.

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