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Rumored top heels and faces for Raw and SmackDown after the brand split

Despite the fact that it's six weeks away, WWE's plans for their upcoming brand extension are reportedly still pretty up in the air.

We know that SmackDown goes live on July 19, and it's supposed to do so with a distinct roster of talent. Beyond that, we've got a lot of speculation.

One source on the internet with a long track record and pretty good success rate - and actual sources - is Dave Meltzer. Meltzer's Wrestling Observer already went on record with what they've heard concerning the reason for going live and how that will influence the different rosters: NBC/Universal's alleged disappointment with SmackDown's ratings since moving from SyFy to USA .

This week's Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) builds off that report with word of who's been penciled in as the top acts on Raw and SmackDown. If true, Monday nights will remain home to the stars Vince McMahon is pushing as the future, but Tuesdays will get the one full-time, proven draw he has.

John Cena helped WWE stave off some serious competition this week to hold steady with recent ratings, and he'll be tasked with growing SmackDown's audience. According to The Observer, Cena will be the top babyface on Tuesdays, opposite AJ Styles as the top heel.

The night before, current WWE champ Roman Reigns will serve as the main hero, with former champ Seth Rollins as the villain.

Alignments could, of course, be switched, but WWE has invested in Cena and Reigns as public relations supermen, so it seems likely they'll stay in their current characters. Both of these pairings consist of guys one type of fan will boo while another cheers - and could be seen as the next step in WWE embracing those types of reactions going forward.

This is just one report, and even if it's correct right now, we know Vince and WWE can change their minds at any time.

But if this is the top of each show's card... what do you think?

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