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Stone Cold says Cody Rhodes leaving WWE maybe 'wasn't such a good idea' as details about his future emerge

The always opinionated Stone Cold Steve Austin talked about Cody Rhodes departure from WWE, and his future, on a recent edition of his podcast.

While the Hall of Famer and friend of the Rhodes family understands the move, he questions the timing:

Cody Rhodes decided to ride off into the sunset. He wasn't happy with creative [and] he wasn't happy that he couldn't do what he wanted to do.

His value would have been at an all-time high because of the brand split and they're going to need all hands on deck. And so maybe him leaving wasn't such a good idea, to take himself out of the picture, as he might have had a little bit more leverage or might have been used in a higher regard due to the brand split because they're going to need all the talent they can muster.

The Texas Rattlesnake has nothing but well-wishes and kind words for Cody, but he also appears to have more questions than answers:

I don’t see him in Japan. I love the kid. I love Cody. I think he’s a real talented guy, but where does he go from here if it’s going to be in the wrestling world?

We know that, at first, Rhodes will go to New York for an August match with Kurt Angle. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) Cody's agents have been instructed to do what they need to in order to make all the bouts on his Twitter wish list happen.

New Japan and Ring of Honor (ROH) are places Rhodes wants to work as a freelancer, and where he'd almost have to go to make some of his dream bouts a reality.

The Observer also confirms that the former Stardust has the rights to the Cody Rhodes name outside of WWE.

Time will tell if Rhodes made the right call in walking away, and how life on the international and independent circuit treats him. You can't question his conviction, regardless of how it pans out.

Where do you think Cody's post-WWE journey will lead him?

H/T: Wrestling Inc for podcast transcription

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