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Rudo Radio episode 48: The New Era of WWE (and also podcast hosts)

It's a new era for WWE and for Rudo Radio, as we introduce our new co-host this week.

Rudo Radio Ep 48

Welcome to the latest episode of Rudo Radio, featuring Marc Normandin (hey, that's me), and for the first time, new co-host Nick Bond. We talk the upcoming brand extension, Ricochet vs. Ospreay, and far more in this hour-ish episode.

We're dropping this episode on Thursday, but no worries: Rudo Radio is still your Wednesday-morning wrestling podcast going forward. This is a one-time thing, unless live SmackDown becomes super important and everything we believe to be true needs to change.

The good news: recording now happens at night, so that never-ending construction sound you're used to hearing in the background is no longer there. The bad news? It has been replaced with a temporary crackling caused by what we think is a busted USB cable on my end. Luckily, that USB cable will also be replaced by the next episode (and also, the sound is the worst at the beginning of the podcast and then also the very end), but we appreciate you dealing with this unexpected guest in the meantime all the same.

On this week's episode:

00:00 - Introducing new co-host Nick Bond
02:51 - Brand split: are you excited or worried?
07:31 - What is SmackDown going to look like?
11:24 - Will the WWE go back to two world championships? Should they?
14:43 - Please shorten the Vaudevillains' theme, you monsters
16:20 - AJ Styles and John Cena omg you guys
22:18 - Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay was lit, and also contentious
35:47 - If William Regal likes a match, you should like the match
36:59 - Lucha Underground's lack of Twitter kayfabe
38:30 - Marc made Nick watch all of Lucha Underground at once
48:21 - Parsing the NXT live special rumors
51:33 - NXT's tag team scene is pretty dope
57:01 - Letting Nakamura be Nakamura is a great decision
61:07 - Nia Jax's learning experience
65:10 - What have you watch this week? What are you going to watch?
70:05 - Please make your indie shows shorter
73:15 - Sign off!

Seriously, sorry about the crackling. I already ordered a new cable, see? Next-day delivery, even!

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