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WWE Money in the Bank 2016 results: Lucha Dragons, Golden Truth win on Kickoff

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At the last minute, WWE decided the pre-show for what they're calling "the greatest Money in the Bank of all-time" would be a tag team extravaganza.

Then they opened with a comedy match, featuring Golden Truth against the outrageously sunburned Breezango.

This was all set-up by this:

Which unfortunately doesn't include the rest of the opening skit, which featured a badly burned and peeling Tyler Breeze and Fandango trying to get some relief while R-Truth and Goldust photobombed a modeling gig they were having trouble with because of their painfully red epidermises.

Breezango sold the sunburn throughout their match, but still managed to get the upperhand for a while as they isolated Truth and worked over his knee. But Goldust got the hot tag, with he and his partner working well together for once, as R-Trizzle pulled Breeze away when he went for the double-team, and setting Fandango up for a Final Cut and Golden Truth's first win.

A few minutes later, another veteran team made their way to the ring for our second bout on the Kickoff. And in this one, the "New Era" guys fared significantly better (although, to be fair, babyfaces won both, because pre-show).

After an opening which saw the Dudley Boyz try and fail to isolate Kalisto, the Lucha Dragons flew to an early advantage. When we returned from a commercial break, Bubba Ray & D-Von were working over Sin Cara, however.

Eventually, with the help of a hot tag and some miscommunication between the Extreme legends, Kalisto pulled down the top rope to send D-Von to the floor and then Bubba was hit with both a Salida del Sol and Cara's Dragon Bomb, as the Dragons celebrated in victory.

With four tag teams in the title picture on the main show, things certainly do seem to be looking up for the tag scene, as all the teams on the pre-show got a chance to, if not win, at least show their stuff and build their characters.

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