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John Cena no-sells Pabst Blue Ribbons threats, WWE releases new shirt

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A few weeks back, WWE stopped their rollout of the t-shirt from John Cena’s latest line of color-coordinated merchandise due to a threateing tweet from Pabst Blue Ribbon. The design was obviously influenced by the famously, er... affordable... beer’s logo, and they wanted more than just free publicity from wrestling’s greatest mover of merch.

But Cena wasn’t gonna let a little thing like a cease & desist stop him from bringing new alcohol-themed designs to his legion of under-21 fans!

Well, more likely, WWE’s lawyers and the brewing company’s lawyers got together and worked out something mutually beneficial for everyone, but... the other version is funnier.

Jokin’ John obviously agrees:

Get yours here (the shirt... you’re on your own when it comes to cheap brews).

The response:


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