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Mick Foley on daughter Noelle’s effort in training: ‘It’s not the best’

Back in March, Noelle Foley said something was in the works for her to join WWE. Later, it was announced she, along with her father, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, would be getting their own show on the WWE Network. Not long after that, she revealed in an interview that she’s been training to become a wrestler.

It’s been a couple months since then and dear old dad told the Cheap Heat podcast that he doesn’t feel she’s progressing as she should be. When asked how he feels about the level of effort Noelle is putting into her training right now, Mick had this to say:

"I'm going to quote my trainer Dominic Denucci: 'It's not the best.' I don't want to hurt her here on your show, and she knows, it could be... my feeling is it's hard to give 100 -- we've had this argument abut percentages, giving 100-percent -- it's hard to give 100-percent to your training if you're giving a major percentage to your boyfriend. She said that she was capable of giving 100-percent even if she was giving 80-percent to Frank. I was like 'how do you factor... That doesn't work out.’ She tried to make the mathematics work and it doesn't work. There's only 100-percent. I don't feel like I could have done it. I was lucky I was a loser in love and had nobody because when things got rough like they inevitably do, I would have bailed out and gone to the person. (Frank could almost be a security blanket for her) and that could be a problem."

He was also quick to add, however, that "she's doing really well," so while she may not be putting as much into it as he would like, that doesn't mean she's doing poorly. It’s also at least worth mentioning they do have a show to promote where Noelle’s training and relationship with her boyfriend, Frank the Clown, will be a major focus.

That doesn’t mean this is an angle, necessarily, but this is pro wrestling.

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