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Video: Tyler Breeze and Fandango shine playing video games on UpUpDownDown

The new team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango, known as Breezango, has been a very entertaining product of the long Goldust/R-Truth storyline. Before they face off Sunday with the winless team of the Golden Truth once again, they sat down to play some video games on Xavier Woods YouTube station UpUpDownDown. And the results are awesome.

When both men sit down, it looks like they are going to do the entire video in complete dumb but beautiful character, down to wearing their blue Smurf-hair vets. However, Tyler gets a bit swept up in playing the game that he drops into his normal persona that he usually is on UpUpDownDown. Fandango, however, stays in character and it's wonderful. From his blaming the controller for his poor video game performance to insisting to Breeze that it's time to go shower, he's just hilarious the entire way through.

So sit back and watch Breezango play each other in some video games before we watch them hang another L on those uggo losers the Golden Truth this Sunday.

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