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UPDATED: Adam Rose is selling a t-shirt with the mugshot from his domestic violence arrest on it

Back on May 11, Adam Rose — who now wrestles under the name Aldo Rose — was arrested for domestic violence and tampering with a witness. He was suspended indefinitely by WWE and later asked for and was granted his release from the company.

It was reported just days ago that all charges against him were dropped.

So, in a sleazy move worthy of the pro wrestling industry and its rich history of sleaziness, he immediately opened a store on Pro Wrestling Tees and is now selling a shirt with his mugshot on it.

I can’t think of a single reason any human on this Earth would have for buying a shirt featuring a mugshot of a man who had just been arrested for domestic violence, whether “charges were dropped” or not. This is dumb, and bad, and everyone involved should feel bad about it.

Update: Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that cooler heads prevailed and the shirt is no longer for sale.

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