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Cleveland Cavaliers ride Undertaker & WWE all the way to a NBA Finals Game 7

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When we brought you news of LeBron James repping the Undertaker earlier this week, it seemed a foregone conclusion that he and his Cleveland Cavaliers were at the end of their season.

They were trailing the best of seven NBA Finals three games to one, against a team in the Golden State Warriors who’d had the best regular season in history. But after the Cavs kicked out by beating Steph Curry in Oakland, California on Monday night like the Phenom at any WrestleMania except 30, the franchise and entire city of Cleveland decided they were all in on the WWE connection for Thursday’s night’s game six:

Now that LeBron and company have become only the third team in NBA history to force a winner-take-all game seven when trailing 3 - 1 in a Finals, what might they do for Sunday back out West when they try to become the first team to ever win a series from that position? They can’t count on an arena full of giant Taker heads... maybe they can get the Dead Man himself on a plane?

Riding a tenuous connection to a WWE Legend from Texas worked for a city a couple hours away on I-76 when their team was going for the top prize in another sport which wraps in June...

Even has jumped on the LeBron/Undertaker connection, but how will they handle June 19, when King James’ quest for history goes one-on-one wit Money in the Bank?

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