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Great news! Daniel Bryan is helping Nikki Bella develop her new finisher

You can always count on pro wrestling’s greatest extended family*, the Bella-Cena-Danielson-Laurinaitis’ to brighten a gloomy news day.

Sure, it’s depressing that Daniel Bryan had to retire in what should have been his prime. And we’re all still anxious to hear whether Nikki Bella will ever return to the ring following her own scary injury. But at least we can imagine them working together on our favorite pastime!

And, hey, with their ‘reality’ spin-off Total Bellas coming to E! soon, maybe we’ll even get to see the two champions of sports entertainment brainstorm moves together on our screens soon?

What do you think D-Bry has come up with to replace the Rack Attack?

* All apologies to the Hart-Neidhart-Smiths, but I think this crew might be a bit more fun to hang with.

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