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Vader wants match with disrespectful ‘chicken s***’ Will Ospreay

vader time

Well, we all knew it would come to this, didn’t we?

Vader, like a lot of fans, had issues with the Will Ospreay/Ricochet match from this year’s New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Best of the Super Juniors (BOSJ) tournament. Even though he wasn’t alone, because of his fame and how publicly he stated his opinion, Vader’s critique of the bout as acrobatics with “no story” became the one to which everyone on the other side of the argument, including the two performers, responded.

One of those performers, the 23 year old Brit who would go on to win BoSJ, hasn’t really let it go. This being wrestling, it’s impossible to discern how much is Ospreay reacting because he was legitimately hurt or offended by the 61 year old veteran’s remarks and how much is a realization that reminding people he’s the harbinger of pro graps’ “evolution” is good for his brand - but young master Will has continued to use the Vader Bomb (which his opponents don’t sell) and cut thinly-veiled promos in Big Van’s direction.

The legend, who’s worked for WCW, WWE, All Japan and NJPW in his decades long career, apparently had Ospreay’s continued antics drawn to his attention recently and...

Multiple Tweeters came to Ospreay’s defense, leading to Vader clarifying he’s not concerned with being labeled “the past” by fans, but by the younger man’s disrespect.

This, of course, lead to setting up a match/fight:

While it doesn’t appear to be public, Vader’s account of things is that Ospreay backed out of a match/fight. He also got cheeky again, which only set Vader off again:

There’s actually a lot more, but you get the drift.

Vader calmed down a bit later and shifted into clear work mode, asking if fans want to see the match. While I think, at least right now, there’s probably a little too much ‘reality’ to the issue for Ospreay to safely take that booking, it will almost certainly happen at some point.

While there’s an interesting debate about how any established art form develops and some real emotion on both sides, it’s still pro wrestling.

There’s too much money to be made for it to not end in a fight.

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