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Title changes and Matt Hardy gets more broken at Impact tapings (TNA spoilers for June 21 - July 5)

Matt Hardy on Twitter

There was drama around Tuesday night’s broadcast of Impact Wrestling, a show which was supposed to be live on a brief delay but ended up being about two hours late in the United States due to issues at Pop TV (you can watch the episode live on the network’s website now).

But that wasn’t the only business TNA was doing in the wake of Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV). They’re also taping several weeks worth of future episodes which will air on Pop and other outlets.

Here’s what they’ve been up to:

For June 21:

- Braxton Sutter is set to face Balam, but Spud interrupts. He demands Balam give up his spot, which he does, and Sutter defeats the Brit. Afterwards, Spud attacks the former Pepper Parks with a belt.

- Maria Kanellis & Mike Bennett threaten to sue Dixie Carter for slapping Kanellis on June 14. Billy Corgan agrees Carter made a mistake, and puts her on “hiatus”. Bennett gets an X-Division title shot.

- Bennett defeats Eddie Edwards to become new X-Division champ

- Drew Galloway & Ethan Carter III argue over their issues from June 14. World champ Lashley makes fun of them, and offers them a tag match against him & King of the Mountain champ Eli Drake. If the EVOLVE boys win, they get title shots.

- EC3 & Galloway win, earning World championship opportunities.

- Jeff Hardy defeated Matt Hardy in a Six Sides of Steel match

For June 28 & July 5:

- Sutter wins a battle royal for an X-Division title shot. Shane Helms’ North Carolina posse kicks his butt afterwards.

- Bennett comes out to demand the match immediately, and beats Sutter.

- Bram vs. Rosemary ends in DQ (or no contest?) because he refused to fight her. She attacked him, and when he defends himself, Crazzy Steve & Abyss run in for the beatdown. Rosemary fends them off and consoles Bram...

- Matt Hardy comes out in a wheel chair after his recent losses, and says he wants one more match with his brother - but will need six weeks to recuperate. He wants them to put the Hardy name on the line. Jeff agrees. Reby & Jeff get into an argument, allowing Matt to get up from his chair and attack Brother Nero. He reveals the match is next week, but not in the Impact Zone... it’s at the SANCTUARY OF THEIR GENESIS!

- Grado, Mahabali Shera & Tyrus beat Al Snow & The Tribunal (Basille Baraka & Baron Dax)

- Lashley beat EC3 & Galloway in a Triple Threat to retain the TNA World title

- Bennett demands a match against Lashley. Dixie (back from her one-week kayfabe “hiatus” and says Miracle is disrespecting the X-Division. He can cash in his current belt for a shot at Lashley’s, but only if he retains it in an Ultimate X match.

- Eddie Edwards wins Ultimate X to reclaim the X-Division title.

- James Storm defeated Eli Drake by DQ

- Jade defeated Marti Bell in a Street Fight

- Maria & Bennett promo about how he was screwed out of his title. Maria calls out Dixie, but got Corgan. The First Lady says she should be President of the company, and either she or Carter has to go. Dixie appeared to say Maria could leave then, because she isn’t. Mike says he and his wife are leaving if he doesn’t get his title shot. Billy says Bennett blew his title shot by losing Ultimate X, and that if they don’t like it in TNA to leave. Miracle refuses to quit, but promised to ruin Destination X (believed to be the July 12 episode).

- Jessie Godderz discovers Bram & Rosemary in flagrante delicto.

- BroMans & Raquel defeat The Decay in six-person action

- They announce that Destination X will feature Lashley vs. Edwards with both titles on the line.


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