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TNA Impact Ratings (June 14, 2016): Ratings plummet due to technical difficulties, replay to air tonight

People saw this screen prior to the actual show.
DTAM Twitter

Not surprisingly, ratings for TNA Impact last night were not good. The PopTV feed has technical difficulties and for an hour and fifty minutes, they cycled through the same three PopTV commercials. So while some like myself stuck it out, many bowed out. The number for the program that eventually did air at 10:50 pm EST were only at 210K. That’s down from 326K. Meaning they lost more than 1/3 of their usual viewership due to the technical difficulties.

Honestly, I’m impressed that many people stuck around. There’s only so much Craig Ferguson game show ads one can take before throwing in the towel. The unfortunate thing is this was a semi live show that was the fallout from the big Slammiversary PPV Sunday. This was the show that had the best opportunity pop ratings (pun unintended). Will those people who tuned in for the first time bother trying again? And how many of those that they lost will be back next week?

Pop is re-airing last night's episode tonight at 9 EST on PopTV. We’ll add in the tallies for that for next week’s ratings post.

Viewership numbers for the last month:

  • June 7: 326,000
  • May 31: 346,000
  • May 24: 359,000
  • May 17: 311,000

You can read the review of last night's episode, which ended up being a pretty good show, here.

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