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Stephanie McMahon would love to wrestle again but it’s up to ‘the decision maker’

Stephanie McMahon

During her Q&A on Facebook Live today, Stephanie McMahon was asked if she ever wants to get back in a WWE ring to wrestle another match. Her response:

"That's up to the decision maker. ... But I would love to one day. Like I said, it's something I truly just absolutely love. But again that depends. As long as whatever I do helps develop somebody else and helps get them over -- and I know that those of you watching understand what that means -- but as long as it does help develop somebody else, that's the ultimate goal of my character. Then it's something I would absolutely love to do. Are you kidding? Who wouldn't love to do that?"

Blame Vince McMahon if it doesn't happen? Okay!

It’s interesting to hear her make mention of the function of her character, one that exists only to get other characters over. You could easily argue that hasn’t been the case for some time now.

After all, what good does it do Charlotte to get reamed out backstage during an episode of Raw and have nothing come of it?

Then again, the last time Stephanie wrestled was SummerSlam 2014 where she put over... oh, that’s right, she beat Brie Bella that night.

Blame the decision maker!

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