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TNA Impact results, live blog (June 14, 2016): Slammiversary Fallout

TNA Wrestling Twitter

Starting tonight, Cageside will be hosting the weekly TNA Impact live blog where you can check on the results below and discuss all the happenings with your fellow TNA fans or just observers in the comments below. Much thanks to Jardine who ran this faithfully from the fanposts for the last year plus. Hopefully you’ll continue to comment in the threads below like usual.

Tonight, TNA has every title back on the line just two days after Slammiversary. Plus they will announce their next TNA Hall of Fame inductee. And of course, Matt Hardy is going to do something. And that’s enough to sell it right there. You can find the full preview of it here.

So check in if you’re curious what TNA has going on but either don't get Pop TV or you're still feeling out the product. And comment away on all the wild happenings from tonight’s extended episode



The show looked like it was starting with a recap but then seemed to glitch in and out and then they went to commercial.

This happens for 5 minutes.

10 minutes in and we've watched the same loop of if commercials for PopTV program. Best live blog ever!

In case you are all wondering, the commercials they cycle through are for That 70s show, a game show called "Celebrity Name Game," and ironically enough, Impact Wrestling.

Can't we just watch, Celebrity Name Game to pass the time? That could be fun.

So now we are getting different commercials so perhaps that means we're back and they just happen to be playing commercials.

Hey TNA is actually on TV. Only took 18 minutes!

Jef Hardy vs. Eli Drake for the -- never mind, we're back to these damned commercials

OK, now we're back again with Bobby Lashley. I don't know if it's starting over of we're just missing the first 25 minutes.

Aaaand back to the commercials. I think if I go to hell, I'm going to see these same commercials over and over again.

Back to Lashley, cutting a promo in the ring. The audio is garbage though and it doesn't synch with the video.

That didn't last long but the audio problems were worse than these three commercials. BTW, Donna from That 70s Show is so high that she thinks she has the biggest hands in the world.

Ha! In the middle of the same 3 PopTV commercials, there was a random ad for how to order different erotic things. It cut back to the other commercials before they gave the number so I can't help anyone there.

I think if TNA comes back and starts from the beginning, they should edit all the commercials out because we've surely watched a 2 hours show worth of commercials already, right?

If I hear Craig Ferguson say "Make it Pop" one more time, I may start weeping.

I'm slowly going insane with these commercials. Soon, I'm going to be as #Broken as Matt Hardy. I'll need to dye a streak in my hair and get a plastic baby. Maybe they sell those on Amazon.

So we're an hour in and I may or may not have watched an entire episodes worth of That 70s Show.

Well, I looked into fake babies on Amazon for when I'm fully #Broken (I give it like 5 more minutes.) Oddly enough, they sell a lot of fake "baby bumps"... for people who want to pretend their pregnant. I'm not entirely sure the demand for those.

So my cats and I just discussed string theory in depth... so it looks like I've officially gone mad.

In all seriousness, I've caught myself dancing to the music to this That 70s Show commercial a couple times now. Not sure if I should be worried about this.

WOW. We had a brief moment of relief with the old school color bar screen. It didn't last long though... soon we were back to Craig Ferguson bragging about having furniture. You know, we all have furniture, Craig.

Hey, #ImpactonPOP is actually trending on Twitter like Josh Mathews always pretends it is. Of course, it's not for the reasons they want. Like at all.



I think they show may actually be starting but I'm like really nervous that music from the 70's Show commercial is going to start. Like I'm kind of shaking in fear from it.

Lashley/EC3/Drew Galloway segment

'Lashley opens the show. He says this is live TV and anything can happen on live TV. He's SO lying. He talks about how he's the best wrestler there is and talks about how he broke ours heroes. EC3 responds and challenges him for the title tonight. Lashley says EC3 doesn't want any of him.

Drew Galloway then comes out and says he wants hit title back tonight and says he's invoking his rematch clause tonight.


There was only a very brief commercial, so maybe they are going to limit those since we watched a year's worth the last two hours.

Eli Drake vs. Jeff Hardy for the KOTM title

Eli Drake dominated Jeff for a long while, selling the fact that he was in a war with his brother at the PPV. Jeff is finally able to hit a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb -- but when referee Earl Hebner goes to count the three, there's Broken Matt to bite Hebner's hand to cause a DQ! He's so broken!

Jeff Hardy def. Eli Drake via DQ

Matt and Jeff fight to the back


Backstage, EC3 and Drew Galloway are talking. EC3 is trying to get Drew to push back his rematch and heal up more. Drew isn't hearing it.

Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy segment

Jeff Hardy is still in the ring saying he was hoping Sunday would put an end to their brotherly feud. Matt is still deranged and Jeff wants to end it tonight. He calls "Brother Moore" out to the ring to end it. Matt appears on the staircase that Jeff hit the Swanton from during their I Quit match. He says that the war is far from "ovah."

Jeff says they'll fight again. He grabs a table but Matt says to fight with honor. Jeff runs up to the top to meet Jeff and the two brawl... and then Reby sprays Jeff with a fire extinguisher! Then Matt beats the crap out of Jeff and slides him down the railing into a table.


Trevor Lee vs. Eddie Edwards for the X Division title

Gregory Shane Helms tried to get involved a few times. Finally, Eddie decides to take out GS Helms on a suicide dive to make it one on one. When he does, he was able to hit a big knee to get the pinfall on Trevor Lee.

Edwards def. Lee to retain his title


Backstage, Jessie Godderz shows Robbie E that he can see any camera in the Impact Zone. They briefly watch Raquel change because they're a bunch of frickin' creepers before they leave for their match.

EC3 and Lashley have a verbal back and forth backstage, teasing their eventual match up.

Gail Kim is announced for the Hall of Fame.

Backstage, Marti Bell is interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Marti talks about how Jade threw away their 9 year friendship over a title. Jade interrupts, tosses her in some chairs before she is pulled off.


BroMans vs. the Tribunal vs. Shera & Grado vs. the Decay for the tag team titles

This match was all over the place but in a fun way. When the ref was being distracted by Rosemary, Al Snow shoved Grado off the top rope and Decay got the pin on him to retain.

The Decay retain their titles


Maria Kanellis/Mike Bennett/Billy Corgan/Dixie Carter segment

Backstage, Maria is pissed about Gail Kim being inducted into the HOF.

Maria and the Miracle walk out. Bennett rans about how the crowd should appreciate him but they never did. Oh, Mike Bennett is wearing a shirt that has a bunch of pineapples of them. Maria talks about how Miracle's loss was a conspiracy from management, who doesn't want them to succeed. Bennett calls out TNA management.

Billy Corgan walks out. He says they aren't airing dirty laundry in public. Maria tells Corgan that she feels bad that Dixie sent him out to do her dirty work. Dixie takes that as her cue to come down to the ring herself. As Maria is ranting, Dixie tells her to shut up. Dixie tells Maria they brought her in for wrestling and she's had zero one on one matches.

Maria then tells Dixie that she's the problem and that could run her wrestling program better. Maria tells Dixie that Billy Corgan talks with the First Lady all the time. She then says that both her and husband should be in the TNA Hall of Fame. Maria talks about how she is a self made woman who and starts stabbing her finger into Dixie's chest as she's ranting. Carter slapped Maria. Billy Corgan remains in the ring with Bennett and Kanellis


Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley for the TNA Championship

EC3 is on commentary at ringside.

Drew's ribs are taped up and Lashley immediately targets that. He does that for awhile but this eventually because a real fun back and forth affair. Galloway hits a Celtic Cross from the top rope and then sets up for a Claymore. Lashley avoids it and the ref gets hit with it, getting laid out.

As the ref is down, Lashley hits two spears and then goes for a steel chair. EC3 runs in the ring and takes the chair and tosses it out. The two men go face to face and the two men start to brawl. EC3 gets the chair but accidentally hits Galloway and ends up taking a spear of his own.

Another ref runs down and Lashley hits his front choke for the win.

Lashley def. Galloway


That's the show, folks. Thanks for following along when you did, dealing with my descent into madness "Make it Pop!," and following along with the results.

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