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Sasha Banks works Superstars, and has more t-shirts on WWE Shop than Raw matches in 2016

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While the women who were able to get a few minutes on WWE’s Monday night flagship program last night (June 13) were squeezed into one segment where all five of them promoted the tag match four of them will have Sunday at Money in the Bank, former NXT Women’s champion Sasha Banks worked the Superstars taping.

This is hardly shocking news. Not the scene on Raw - where it appears we’ve been lured in again by the branding change from “Divas” to “Women” while they present very much the same product. And certainly not the lack of The Boss.

Banks is recently back in action following a freak concussion, amidst rumors ranging from one which says WWE is keeping her off television so her eventual push will feel special to another where Vince McMahon has soured on featuring her because her full-speed-all-the-time style results in her getting injured.

Throughout the 2016 calendar year, however, Sasha has barely appeared on Monday nights, despite a prominent match at WrestleMania. redditor Alicia6666 over at r/SquaredCircle counted them up, and Banks has seven matches and 11 total appearances on Raw this year. There have been 24 episodes.

Alicia6666’s post also points out something else, though, and this is probably a good sign for the former Team B.A.D. member. Her post claims Banks has ten different t-shirt designs for sale at WWE Shop. I only count eight unique designs as of this writing, but the point stands.

Creating and marketing shirts is something you do for a talent who moves merchandise. I believe a lot of things about Vince McMahon & WWE, but I don’t think they hate money.

There are a lot of factors which go into who shows up on TV, when and how often. Sasha’s injuries undoubtedly play a part, as does the company’s overall approach to promoting the Women’s division.

But coming up on a year since Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte appeared on Raw to kickstart the “Divas Revolution”, The Boss’ build has been one of the more maddening things we’ve seen from WWE is recent memory - and that’s saying something.

Do you still hold out hope Vince recognizes Sasha as a draw deserving of a push at some point? Does it matter if the Women are booked the way they have been over the last couple months/forever?

We know, Queen. Just hope your bosses do, too.

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