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Cageside Live! The 'Whole car battery to the testicles thing' edition

We're two days past TNA's semi-annual pay-per-view (PPV), five away from WWE's next monthly (for now) one. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose got the band back together, Bobby Roode works for NXT, Stone Cold's confusing people about the word "carry"...

And let's be real, Geno & I are probably just gonna make jokes about all the #CockTalk Raw had going on last night.

Tune in at 1:00PM Eastern (or whenever you can fit it into your schedule via YouTube or iTunes), for that - or whatever today's 'sode turns out to be. The only thing we're sure of is the "Live" part, so who knows where things'll go.

If you do watch/listen live, shoot us your questions in the comments below or on Twitter... sometimes we even get to them!

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