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Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins get their obligatory WWE title belt

Triple H on Twitter

In general, I’m over the whole “send a WWE title to every champion in sports” thing.

At one point, it was organic and cool. Then the corporate machine wisely realized it was great cheap publicity, and it’s become routine.

I’m willing to make an exception in the case of the 2016 Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins for a couple of reasons. One, ya boy’s Western Pennsylvania roots are deep and, two, the new toast of the National Hockey League embraced a pro wrestling tie-in to their playoff run.

Triple H didn’t miss out on an opportunity to shout out his hetero life partner Shawn Michaels, who became an honorary mascot for and fan of this Pens team due to their “HBK line” of Carl Hagelin, Nick Bonino and Phil Kessel, in sending the team their belt:

WWE certainly would have sent the San Jose Sharks a title, too, if things had worked out differently, but the speed with which they had those customized sideplates ready almost makes you think all of D-X might have been pulling for Pittsburgh.

Enjoy the belt, and your moment, HBK and all Pens’ fans.

Sometime tomorrow afternoon, the Golden State Warriors will be getting theirs.

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