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Here's Matt Hardy making weird faces for 5 minutes

If you thought losing to Brother Nero at Slammiversary was gonna make Matt Hardy less #Broken, or weird, I’m afraid I have some bad news...

Jeff Hardy told us to expect more from this program, and his brother didn’t waste any time making good on that promise. His Facebook Live reaction video from after the Sunday, June 12 pay-per-view (PPV) turns the “you’re either gonna love it or hate it” up to eleven.

Fair warning for those in the “hate it” crowd, before you click play. This is almost six minutes of Matt doing things with his upper lip, slamming his head on the glass (which, at one point, triggers another hotel resident to scream “STOP BANGING”), making hand gestures and reacting to noises in the hallway:

Presumably, somewhere in there the #7Deities pledged their allegiance to him, so he’s feeling good about the rematch:

So, in addition to an impressive array of lip movements, he’s got the whole purified being thing going for him. Which is nice.

Impact is live(ish) tomorrow night, so we’ll probably either get the "Director’s Cut” of this video, or find out what’s next in the Hardys’ feud, then.

This doing anything for you, Cagesiders?

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