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Rumor Look Back: December 5 - 11, 2015

Welcome to the Weekly Look Back, where we take a look at rumors from six months ago and see if they turned out like they were predicting. Let’s jump right in to this week.

December 5, 2015

Both the Observer and PWInsider note there was nothing to the Kevin Owens/Brock Lesnar rumors going around.

The match didn’t happen. They went with Dean Ambrose instead. While Dean didn’t look any worse coming out of the match, it certainly didn’t elevate him. (1/1)

Tommy Dreamer apparently hasn’t signed a long-term deal with WWE, and he isn’t expected to stick around long term.

This is the case. He disappeared after the Wyatt family feud was finished. (1/1)

Speaking of former ECW stars, there’s apparently been some talk about bringing in another to assist the Dudley Boyz in their fight against the Wyatt Family.

Rhyno entered as part of this feud as well, filling that fourth spot. They kept him in a cage. (1/1)

There’s more talk that WWE is interested in Maria Kanellis returning.

Maria ended up going to TNA with her husband Mike Bennett. She was set to face Gail Kim tonight at the Slammiversary PPV until she got hurt. (0/1)

December 7, 2015

Brock Lesnar will be working the Royal Rumble show, and there’s increased talk about him working the Rumble match itself.

This is true on both accords. He worked the show and the match itself. He was eliminated due to the Wyatt Family, which looked to start their feud, but instead ended up facing Ambrose. (2/2)

Kevin Owens is back in WWE and is expected to be used on tonight’s episode of Raw.

Owens was on Raw. He faced Dolph Ziggler, which was happening A LOT back then. (1/1)

WWE is teasing turning Charlotte heel for good tonight and the idea is she’ll be a full-blown heel by the end of TLC.

I would say this is false on both accords. Charlotte didn’t fully turn heel until she attacked Becky Lynch after Lynch beat her in a non-title match in January. (0/2)

December 8, 2015

Look for SmackDown to get on the same page with Raw more after the move to USA. One of the ways they want to make the show more important is to have events continue from Monday into Thursday and maybe even vice versa.

While SmackDown will become more important, it won’t be in this way. Right now, I would say SmackDown is not an important show. And when it does become important, it won’t be linked to Raw but its own brand. (0/1)

Sunday’s chairs match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger should be the end of the widely panned Mex-America angle. No word if there’s any plan for the Real Americans afterwards.

Technically ADR had already kicked Zeb Colter to the curb, but the feud with Swagger was already set. And it was over after TLC. As for the Real Americans, Colter was released and Swagger has been having some matches with Rusev, which he loves. (1/1)

Darren Young is back from his personal issues, but he will not joining Titus O’Neil’s angle with Stardust. The lack of a break up story for the Prime Time Players is because they already did one once and they didn’t feel it helped Titus, who is the man they are focused on.

He did not join Titus. He had been off TV until they started these Bob Backlund "Make Darren Young great again" segments. (1/1)

Despite pulling out of NJPW shows, AJ Styles' back is not getting better. Apparently Ring of Honor has a back up in place if he cannot go.

He ended up facing Lethal. He faced Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom in January and debuted in WWE at the end of the month, working ever since. He was removed from some house shows prior to Extreme Rules, but not for a back injury.

December 9, 2015

Brock’s return to WWE TV will be at the Slammy Awards.

He did not return until January 11. (0/1)

It’s been reported that Rey Mysterio has signed with Lucha Underground and he may debut at the next tapings.

He did sign with them and is currently on the program. He debuted at a taping Dec. 12. (2/2)

December 10, 2015

PWInsider reports that while Sting may not wrestle, he’ll be at WrestleMania 32 at one form or another.

He was there ever so briefly, just in the Hall of Fame recognition portion. (1/1)

Don’t be surprised seeing Ric Flair on TV more often for a while, possibly heading into WrestleMania 32.

Oh he was around for a while, alright. It was through 32 actually. He was finally written off the other week. (1/1)

There’s more talk of changes when SmackDown moves to USA but it is unclear what.

This one I will mark as correct given the announcement of it going live on Tuesday and hosting it’s own brand. (1/1)

Despite his injury, AJ Styles is still planning on working Final Battle on Dec. 18.

He did and lost to Jay Lethal. (1/1)

December 11, 2015

Daniel Bryan’s statements about his career are believed to be legitimate and not part of an angle.

His statements were that he thinks it could be the end of his career in WWE but not the end of his career overall. These comments were not part of a work because he retired from WWE and wrestling as a whole. (1/1)

The plan is for Sheamus to walk out of TLC with the WWE title.

That he did. He lost it to Roman Reigns the following night though. (1/1)

According to the Observer, it was Vince’s idea to pair Zeb Colter & Alberto Del Rio. While their split on Raw could be a swerve, the feeling is that it is legit and they won’t be together much longer.

Yes, it was definitely legit. One has to wonder what Vince had in mind when he came up with that gimmick. It felt doomed from the start. (1/1)

Jake Roberts video on Bray Wyatt was a joke and not meant as anything more.

Oh, man. Do you remember that weird video where he got a condom for Bray Wyatt? I mean that was out there. (The video was taken down, but the transcript is still up.)


This Week: 17/22 - 77%

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Have a great week, everyone!

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