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Jeff Hardy says there are more videos like the Broken Matt contract signing coming from TNA


Brother Nero has big plans.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard blog promoting tomorrow’s Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV), Jeff Hardy teased what he has planned for the Full Metal Mayhem match against Matt. The North Carolina native who’s known for fearless spots says he took inspiration from another guy with the same reputation who returned for WWE at WrestleMania this year - Shane McMahon:

Watching Shane, I knew I could top that. Every time I watched Shane, I was inspired to do something better.

I’m planning something big for Sunday. I’ll take my own path and do it my own way.

This Sunday at Slammiversary, you’re going to see me put in a WrestleMania performance

So what if it’s in front of 2,500 people instead of 100,000? I don’t care. It’s all about the moment. That camera is going to be on, and it’s going to become a professional wrestling memory. That’s really important to me–creating moments that last forever.

In addition to that just being his character, Jeff is also aware that, at 38 years old, he’s nearing the end of his wrestling career. He told Justin Barrasso he’d still like to end his run back with WWE and even atop a Mania card, but he’s proud of what he and his brother are doing now in TNA.

The topic of course, turned to the “Broken” Matt Hardy character and their contract signing video from a couple weeks back that got the wrestling world talking.

Jeff says his brother thinks about wrestling “24/7”, and draws inspiration from popular television shows like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and True Detective when creating characters like his current one.

For fans of their current feud, and especially the video they shot at Matt’s home to make their Slammiversary match official, Hardy had some good news:

I loved it, and think we need more of it. It’s so intriguing, and we’re planning to have some more. You won’t want to miss the next few months of TNA. It is is going to be amazing. My brother and I are going to reach new boundaries that have never been imagined by any fan.

“Intriguing” might not be the word I’d use, and the contract signing is going to be tough to top, but I’ll give the brothers the benefit of the doubt.

If they’re both okay after the June 12 PPV, that is. Beyond just trying to top Shane, it sounds like Jeff is going all out in the Impact Zone tomorrow:

It’s a challenge to me, especially on a pay per view, to steal the show. There’s no doubt in my mind that Matt and I will. I feel sorry for [the main event of] Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley. Unless somebody shuts me down, there’s no way anyone else can steal the show.

Have the Hardys convinced you to give Slammiversary, and Impact Wrestling, another shot?

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