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Nikki Bella wants your help deciding on a new finisher

By Miguel Discart, via Wikimedia Commons

The longest reigning Divas champ in history, and her legions of fans (and persistent detractors, too, probably) are still waiting for word on if she’ll be cleared for a return to performing in the ring following spinal fusion surgery.

One thing that’s been clear from the jump, and which Nikki Bella confirmed yesterday during a Twitter Q & A, even if she does get the greenlight for a comeback, her finisher ain’t coming with her.

Dropping to your knees with another human being draped over your shoulders just ain’t gonna fly on a surgically repaired neck, especially one that before it was “fixed” was damaged to the point where paralysis was a possibility.

So say goodbye to the Rack Attack:

Thinking positively, though, what should replace it?

The Total Divas and Total Bellas star is asking for our help, and who are we to not answer that call? Give us your best ideas below!

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