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Brock Lesnar precisely sums up ‘The Plane Ride From Hell’

A May, 2002 trip from the United Kingdom back to the United States at the end of a WWE European tour has earned a place in history. Despite there being some fairly heinous angles to the story of the seven-hour flight, infamously known now as “The Plane Ride From Hell”, enough time has passed that it’s something that’s now joked about more than anything else.

Brock Lesnar, on a whirlwind press tour this week promoting his surprise return to UFC, was a guest on ESPN’s Highly Questionable yesterday, and Dan Le Batard asked Lesnar about the flight - on which he and the late Curt Hennig got into a shoot wrestling match which allegedly needed Dave “Fit” Finlay, Triple H and Paul Heyman to break up.

Being stuck on an airplane for seven hours on an overseas trip - what else are you gonna do, besides maybe pass out and fall asleep, or get into trouble?

We did both.

Brock gonna Brock.

In all seriousness, Lesnar says he doesn’t remember much of the flight because he was “drunk and high”. He speaks frankly with the Le Batards (Dan & “Papi” Gonzalo) and Bomani Jones and his dependence on alcohol and painkillers during his initial WWE run, which lead to him saying he doesn’t have much recollection of an entire two year period in the early Aughts.

You can see the full video here:

Be sure to stick around until the end, when Papi asks Brock for a romantic story of life with his wife Rena (aka Sable) and he shares about the time he pranked her about losing her wedding ring and watched her dig through their son’s dirty diapers for two days.

Again... Brock gonna Brock.

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