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Triple H teasing a huge NXT match... but when will it happen?

WWE on YouTube

We’re in weird territory here with regards to spoilers, so if you absolutely want to see the next few weeks of WWE Network’s NXT with fresh eyes, bail out now.

But the “father of NXT”, Triple H is promoting it on social media, and even fans in attendance at the June 9 Full Sail taping weren’t made privy to when this match will happen, so... here’s what we know:

Former NXT champion Finn Bálor showed up in street clothes to publicly ask the question fans and the dirt screens have been asking for about a year now... what’s next for the Irish Superstar?

Shinsuke Nakamura appeared, and the two friends talked their way into a match with one another. It looked like a done deal when they shook on it - and initial live reports even believed it might happen at the taping.

There’s precedent for that kind of big match at Full Sail; Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe did it earlier this year. But that it didn’t happen in the three episodes taped last night, and Haitch’s reference to the next live TakeOver show in Brooklyn, have changed the focus toward Bálor vs. Nakamura being on the August 20 card.

Coming out of Wednesday’s The End... show, many had pencilled in current champ Joe vs. Swagsuke for Brooklyn’s main event (on the men’s side, anyway). If the plan is to do Finn vs. Nak, they’ll need to cook up a title feud.

It also could change the call-up calculus. Conventional wisdom had Bálor’s second loss to Joe triggering his promotion to Raw and SmackDown - and Nakamura following not far behind. While it’s possible they could come up together, or pull double-duty for a while, a potential showdown before SummerSlam gives us more options to kick around in our fantasy booking.

As exciting as the match would be, it also wouldn’t do much to address a common criticism of Finn’s entire WWE career and 2016 NXT... that the brand relies too heavily on “dream matches” without focusing enough on story & character.

Ultimately, that one little Tweet from The Game gets us thinking about all these things was probably his point.

What do you want to see happen with Bálor and Nakamura, or with NXT from here to Brooklyn?

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