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AJ Styles will be Steve Austin’s next WWE Network interview has confirmed a reveal that many viewers caught during a commercial broadcast as part of the June 9 WWE SmackDown - Steve Austin is reclaiming the WWE Network interview chair he lent to Mick Foley last month, and his next guest will be none other than the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

Stone Cold missed the last live interview show the streaming service did (a chat with Shane McMahon) due to his rehabilitation from a shoulder injury. Rather than fly shortly after rotator cuff surgery, Austin backed out and WWE went with Foley.

Looks like the Rattlesnake’s health is good, and any concerns fans had conjured up about heat between the Hall of Famer and the company he sometimes openly critiques can be laid to rest. After Raw on June 20, Austin will be joined by Styles for a “a live, no-holds barred interview”.

Money in the Bank, and AJ’s duel there with John Cena, happens the night before. So if the two legends didn’t already have enough to talk about with Styles’ Ring of Honor, TNA & New Japan history leading to an amazingly well-received WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble, we’ll also get to hear them chat about his latest big pay-per-view (PPV) match - and probably speculate on the upcoming brand split.

Happy Austin is back? Think Styles is a good guest, or are you still holding out for those Undertaker rumors to come true?

Let us know, Cagesiders.

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