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Chris ‘Biff Busick’ Girard's WWE Name is Oney Lorcan

at PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles 2015
Moving Miracle on tumblr

While we wonder if Athena... excuse me, Ember Moon... will ever debut on television, NXT unveiled another new name for someone signed to a Developmental deal in 2015.

He’d been playing around with debuting a new name for the past week or so, resetting his Twitter handle hangman style. But at last night (June 9)’s television tapings, Christopher Girard, who worked promotions like CZW, EVOLVE and PWG as Biff Busick, was introduced under his new WWE name.

And it’s a doozy.


The good news is, Chris “Kassius Ohno” Hero no longer has the weirdest/worst sports entertainment moniker. And this is something Girard had a say in. Dude obviously has a different sense of humor - he picked Biff Busick, too.

He’s already having fun with it on social media:

Important thing here is, the Lance Storm-trained wrestler can flat out go. He got over as Busick and he’ll get over with the NXT crowd the same way - commitment to character and wrestling.

Of the challenges Oney - a mid-sized, balding 30 year old guy - will have in reaching main roster superstardom, his name is probably the least of them. So why not go all out crazy with a name no one will forget?

Let us know what you think, and get ready to welcome Mr. Lorcan to your Wednesday nights.

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