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TNA’s Maria Kanellis states she can't wrestle Slammiversary due to a broken hand

TNA star Maria Kanellis posted the following on her Instagram last night where she said she cannot wrestle at Slammiversary, where she had a planned match with Gail Kim:

#hello #brokenhand @impactwrestling @poptv #firstlady #mikeandmariainwonderland #hello

A video posted by Maria Kanellis-Bennett (@mariakanellis) on

While she is talking in character, the broken hand is no work. Her left hand has been in a cast in different pictures on her Instagram for a while, and could be seen when she talked to us at Cageside a month ago. The cause of the injury is unknown but her radiographs, which she posted on her Instagram a month ago, show a fractured 4th metacarpal.

Yes, this is wrestling so there always could be some aspect to work in this, but it’s highly doubtful in this case. If she could have the cast off, it would be off. That’s especially since at the last set of tapings she wasn't wearing one (those occurred prior to the injury). Plus, about a week ago, the First Lady posted a video stating that she thought the cast would be able to come off for good but it was not. If there is an aspect of work at all, it’d only be that she’s cleared for more activity than she’s letting on and could be involved in something physical.

So far, TNA is playing it coy, with their website treating it like a breaking story that they are looking into. They don’t say one way or another whether or not the match will take place, but they could be still figuring out the plan.

I have little doubt Maria will be at the show both in the corner of whoever faces her planned opponent Gail Kim and in the corner of her husband Mike Bennett when he faces EC3. The question is how physical can she be able to get if at all? The other big question is what will they do with Gail Kim? Will they insert her into the Knockouts Title match between Jade and Sienna to make it a triple threat or will Maria have someone else fight in her stead?

We will find out Sunday for sure and hopefully Maria can get healed up and get rid of that cast as soon as she can.

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