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Goldberg says WWE and WCW guys were trying to 'destroy' each other during his WWE run

With the news that Bill Goldberg will be a playable character in the next big licensed wrestling video game, WWE 2K17, there's been a lot of focus on what comes next for the WCW Legend.

In a new interview with, however, Goldberg spends time looking back. And he offers up some interesting insights into his controversial run in Vince McMahon's employ from 2003 - 2004.

Both the question from Matthew Artus and the answer from The Man on the subject of how he was received in the WWE locker room perpetuate the image of two organizations in conflict:

I was the bad guy, man. Everybody from WCW, we were the enemy. It was a very tenuous, strenuous, very weird situation because both entities had wanted nothing more than to destroy the other. Once we came together, there was still a bit of that dynamic. It was so engrained in us; I don't think you could have snapped your fingers and had it go away.

Even with that hostility, Goldberg considers his run with the 'E a success. He does seem to express some regret about his final match, at WrestleMania XX with Brock Lesnar, though, even if he doesn't think it was as bad as people say:

We were behind the eight ball from the beginning. What could have been arguably the most vicious and intense match that WWE or any wrestling ring has ever seen, bar none, the potential for that match was not reached by any question. People knew that we were both leaving, so what do you expect? I may have acted the same way as the fans. I don't blame them one bit.

There were some good moments from [the match].

No interview with the former World Heavyweight champ - and especially one where WWE's website is talking about his deal with a company licensed product - would be complete without some talk of the future. Goldberg says he's got "50 more" matches in him, but gives the usual caveats about the deal, the circumstances and his conditioning needing to be right.

If that match were to happen, he didn't offer dream opponents, but did say there's one guy who probably isn't "next" - and unsurprisingly, it's the other guy most associated with WCW who had a run in WWE some call disappointing:

Ultimately, the reason why I got in the business was Sting, because I revered and respected him so much. I felt as though if he could do it and be able to look himself in the mirror, then by damn, Goldberg can do it, too. So I'll be honest with you: If there’s one person on the planet who is safe, it's Sting. And he's the only one.

Did the Monday Night War mentality linger, or is everyone involved too invested in selling that narrative to ever back away from it now?

Check out the whole interview at, and let us know what you think about that question, or any and everything Goldberg, below.

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