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The New Day have been your WWE Tag Team Champions longer than anyone else in history

Whether they'll supplant (The) Brian Kendrick & Paul London for the longest single WWE Tag Team championship reign is still up in the air - and depends on things like how much Vince McMahon is behind Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows as The Club and what does down in the upcoming brand split.

But as of today, if you combine both their runs, current titleholders The New Day have held those bronze belts longer than anyone else in history.

Also Big E to explain via pelvic gyration:

At 332 days over two reigns, E, Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston have surpassed Kendrick & London's record of 331 days - although that pair did it all in one run spanning 2006 - 2007.

With their current time with the straps at approximately 283 days, the Positive Trio have passed the Colóns (now Shining Stars), so London & Kendrick are the only ones standing in their way of another record.

July will be an important time for New Day's legacy however, as a draft could split the team and the extension may result in a separate tag title.

We'll find out, but for today, there's no reason to be sour. Put your hands together for your record-setting, two-time WWE tag team champions and FEEL THE POWER!

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