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Here's the full video of EVOLVE 61's TNA vs. WWE angle, with transcription of EC3's promo

There have been a few fan-shot versions of the incident which closed Saturday night's EVOLVE 61 show, where former TNA World champ Ethan Carter III ran in to assist the current holder of that title in his match against NXT's Johnny Gargano.

Now, WWNLive is giving us the official video, which you can see above.

In addition, here's the text of EC3's promo, directed squarely at WWE and Triple H (courtesy of WrestleZone):

[Galloway] became a world champion on his own. I became a world champion on my own. So the way I look at it, you know who kinda blew it? The 203. Stamford, CT. Up north. The ‘King of Kings', that's who blew it.

[[EC3 and Galloway fight off multiple referees and wrestlers trying to interfere]]

No, no, I get it. I get it guys, you wanna make the next step. You want to be good soldiers. But take it from us - you know what they do to good soldiers? They put them on the front line and make them take the bullet.

You wanna take that next step? You wanna get to the show everybody loves? "Oh we have great matches, compelling characters, great storylines, NXT, NXT, yay!" You know what makes a star? Surviving. Try surviving obstacle courses. Getting slimed. Wheelbarrow races. Six-minute TV matches where you can't do any of your cool moves. And Redemption Points! Here we stand, a true success story of independence. Independence is not [ ] to the machine; independence is succeeding despite it.

Nice boots [Drew] Gulak. Do you know what this is? This is a microphone. This is how you create box office. This is how you put asses in seats. No flips and false-finishes. This man (points to Galloway) was ‘chosen' as a reason. If I can be humble for a second - I have been endorsed by the best, only to be destroyed by the worst. So I'm gonna shoot with you real fast, buddy. By endorsed I mean Hall of Famers, world champions, that kind of thing. But when it comes to being destroyed, I can only think of one obese sociopath who's best known for being [ ]. So hey Bill, guess what - I won!

[TJ Perkins rushes the ring and is also taken out by both EC3 and Galloway]]

I'm not finished! We are the last bastion of the independents here. We are two men - we weren't failed football projects. We weren't models. We weren't body builders pulled out of a gym. We sure as hell weren't anyone's kids! We are two men who love this industry, who breath this industry. To us this isn't a game - this is our god damn lives.

Call it the 'Reality' Era. Send pro wrestling 2016 home for drunkeness.

But whatever you do, tune in to EVOLVE 62.

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