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Colt Cabana's mom cut a promo on Jay Lethal for Global Wars (and Mother's Day)

Tonight, in his home town of Chicago, Colt Cabana will try to capture one major prize which has eluded him throughout his illustrious independent pro wrestling career - the Ring of Honor (ROH) World championship.

But before he faces Jay Lethal in the main event of Global Wars, Colt - good boy that he is - visited his Mom for Mother's Day.

And Mama Cabana don't play:

Hard to bet against that, but the Cabanas better hope Mama Lethal doesn't make the trip from New Jersey... that's a woman who's not afraid to slap Low Ki right in the face.

Maybe ROH can fly in Papa Briscoe from Delaware to keep em separated?

Happy Mother's Day from Cageside Seats - to the Cabana and Lethal matriarchs, and all the mom's out there!

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