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Rumor Look Back: October 31 - November 7, 2015

Welcome to the Rumor Look Back, where we check out the rumors from six months ago and see how they played out. Let’s get started.

October 31, 2015

There are going to be at least two traditional Survivor Series matches at the Survivor Series Pay Per View this year.

This came down last minute with an add on pre-show one, but there ended up being two total. The one on the main card featured most of the tag division. (1/1)

The latest on Alberto Del Rio is he’s not going to return to AAA even to drop the Mega heavyweight title. He’s back with WWE full time now.

That is the case. (1/1)

Kurt Angle vs. Ken Shamrock rumors have made the rounds and apparently it’s a possibility for some point in the future, but not any time soon.

I almost feel this is a waste of time putting in the "outstanding" column because this will never happen. I will anyway though.

AJ Styles may be dealing with a sciatic nerve injury.

He was dealing with a back issue and he addressed it in an interview in December (though not at length.) It caused him to miss a couple of shows, though none of the big ones. (1/1)

November 2, 2015

The Undertaker/Kane vs. the Wyatt Family story is unlikely to wrap up at Survivor Series.

That was it for them. Undertaker rode off into the sunset (until Mania season) after defeating the Wyatts yet again. (0/1)

Although there were rumors that Nikki Bella will be taking time off alongside John Cena, it doesn’t look like she’ll be missing any time.

She did end up missing a bunch of time due to injury. (0/1)

The Usos may be returning to WWE as early as tonight’s Raw in Denver.

They did return that night in a traditional Survivor Series match on Reigns’ team vs. Team Rollins. (1/1)

The Vampiro/Pentagon Junior story is expected to get major play early in Lucha Underground season 2.

I’m going to have to say this is incorrect. They only really addressed it a week ago in a backstage video and we’re well past the early part of season 2. (0/1)

November 3, 2015

WWE reportedly contacted Dave Meltzer to say that Del Rio’s downside in his contract was only a third of the $1.4 million Meltzer initially reported. But several of their sources say the original number was correct or at least way more than a third.

I don’t know the number, but I’m betting they paid him a lot to come back.

In between training sessions with Eva Marie, The Brian Kendrick is open to being a wrestler in NXT.

This was long after he had that one match. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kendrick on occasion. (0/1)

TNA officials are talking to the Manhattan Center in regards to taping Impacts there next year. This could be telling because they allegedly broke the bank to hold the shows there last year.

Impact has mainly been taped in Orlando, outside the Sands in Pennsylvania, this year. There have been no trips to Manhattan. That’s always such a great crowd so if they do get a new investor, I’d love to see a series of Impacts there this year. (0/1)

November 4, 2015

Even if Bryan isn’t cleared to wrestle the show, WWE will be using him at WrestleMania 32.

Because he officially retired prior to Mania, he was not part of the show at all and for unknown reasons had to pull out of his Axxess signings too. (0/1)

While WWE reported that Orton will likely be out 4-6 months due to his shoulder injury, the Oberver is reporting it will be closer to 6 months as the injury is similar to the ones Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami have been dealing with.

We’re at the 6-month mark now and it’s looking like we’ve got some time to go. If it’s in the next couple months, I’ll come back and grade this correctly. If it’s even longer, I’ll grade it as incorrect.

Apparently there are rumors going around about AJ Styles making his way to NXT. He’s said he’s opened to anything that makes sense.

Styles actually skipped NXT and went straight to WWE. He is currently in a feud for the WWE championship. Who would have guessed that six months ago? (0/1)

November 5, 2015

Apparently there’s talk of Sting joining Undertaker and Kane at Survivor Series but it depends on his health.

Unfortunately, his health didn’t allow it. He officially retired last month with his last match being the one with Rollins at Night of Champions. (0/1)

The Dean Ambrose heel turn talk is done for now and it looks like he’s heading into a program against Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental title.

He still has not turned heel and he did face Owens for the IC belt at TLC and won. It may have been an earlier feud but both men we placed in the WWE Title Tournament when Rollins got hurt. (2/2)

It looks like Lucha Underground season 2 will be 24 episodes and that’s how they cut most of their costs.

It looks like it’s 26… so close. (0/1)

November 6, 2015

Not surprisingly, WWE has already made the call to "big names" because of the injury to Rollins.

If they did, none of them showed up. (0/1)

On that note, it looks like Roman Reigns is the top candidate to win the WWE title at Survivor Series. In fact, word is he would have likely won it if Rollins did not get hurt.

He did win. It didn’t last long though since Sheamus cashed in Money in the Bank almost right away. But he won it. (1/1)

As for Sheamus, don’t expect him to cash in his Money in the Bank any time soon.

OK, now this is wrong. (0/1)

There’s now talk that the injury to Cass is a work but there are no immediate plans for Enzo and Cass as a team.

The injury was a work, but they did have a plan. In a month’s time, they would face the Revival for the tag team championship in London and come up short, which is their thing. (1/2)

November 7, 2015

PW Insider reported that while the time frame is in question, WWE had Roman Reigns penciled to win the WWE title from Seth Rollins and to go into WrestleMania with the championship. That being said, the Observer noted Seth Rollins was schedule to work the main event program all throughout WrestleMania.

This is interesting to speculate on. Because they backed out on really giving Reigns the championship at Survivor Series even when Seth was hurt. And they still didn’t have him champ going into WrestleMania this year. But we’ll never know.

John Cena’s feud when coming back will be with Alberto Del Rio. Jack Swagger is a stopgap for ADR until they get there.

Del Rio was the one match Cena had before leaving for injury. (1/1)

Speaking of Del Rio, the Observer reports TNA was offering him $300,000 to sign with TNA before he returned to WWE.

If that 1.4 million is correct, then that was never coming close to cutting it.

Lana is now apparently ready to return to TV but won’t do so until Rusev is healthy enough to do the same.

Yes, she returned alongside Rusev on a Miz TV segment. (1/1)

PWInsider is noting that we should expect more WWE legends announcements in the next couple of days.

Looking into it, Boogeyman had already announced that he signed prior to this rumor and no one else was announced after this rumor. (0/1)


This week: 10/23 - 43%

October 2015: 41/90 - 46%

Overall: 795/1521 - 52.3%

Have a good week, everyone!

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