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Hornswoggle and Zeb Colter are already working with Jeff Jarrett

Well, that didn't take long.

Two of the eight performers released by WWE on May 6 (so far) have already announced their first dates outside the company. Both Hornswoggle and Zeb Colter will be appearing on a show June 11 in Keyport, New Jersey co-promoted by Wrestle Pro and Global Force Wrestling (GFW).

Worth noting that Dylan Postl has changed up his name ever so slightly, presumable to avoid WWE trademarks, to Swoggle, but Wayne Keown is using the moniker he went with while in Vince McMahon's employ - regardless of having a pretty well known one from before his WWE run.

And if you're wondering, no, Booker T has not been released. Like Jerry Lawler, he's on a Legends and announcing deal which pretty much allows him to take gigs as long as they won't end up on television or internet-streaming shows.

Which means, Jeff Jarrett's GFW probably isn't set to announce a TV deal any time soon.

Hopefully Swoggle and Colter are getting paid in something other than Global Force Gold...

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