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Resuming the hunt (a Lucha Underground preview)

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With two twenty minute matches that awarded an Aztec Medallion to Cage and put the Trios titles around the waists of Rey Mysterio's dream team of Prince Puma and El Dragon Azteca, Jr., there wasn't a whole lot of time for much more on last week's show.

What we did get was nothing to laugh at, however, since we now know Vampiro isn't taking his meds all the time. And, despite a cool Professor X wheelchair, the broken back Matanza gave Pentagon, Jr. may have instilled a little fear into Mr. Cero Miedo.

Will we get more interstitial world-building tonight? There are four matches that we know of on the docket, so don't count on too much as we barrel toward the end of season two and, presumably, the second Ultima Lucha.

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Medallions are up for grabs, as Sexy Star faces her literal and figurative demons when she and Mariposa have a No Mas match. The rivalry between Sexy's friend, The Mack, and her tormentor, Marty Martinez, returns to the ring with Aztec gold on the line. And King Cuerno better have a chest protector, because Siniestro de la Muerte is fresh off riping his fellow Disciples hearts out of the chests - and his master & mistress can not be in good moods, what with Mil Muertes not being champ and Catrina getting ready to go to war.

What's the fourth, you ask? As you can get a taste of in the clip above, The F'n Machine is putting his newly won gold up in a match against the first man Famous B plans to get some fame for, Mascarita Sagrada!

Exciting stuff, but...

Don't get me wrong, I love a good lucha. But I also need to know what's up with Angelico's mysterious injury. How did he get it, and how bad must it have been to keep him away from defending the Trios titles with Son of Havoc & Ivelisse (or did that "pretty boy" crack really get to him)?

Why is the Los Angeles political machine protecting Dario Cueto? Whose side is Black Lotus really on? Is Jack Evans really the baddest bitch in the building? Does anyone care about Texano?

See you tonight.

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