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Velvet Sky thinks she'd be great for NXT and WWE

Even before she officially left TNA, there had been speculation about Velvet Sky heading to WWE.

Her boyfriend, Bubba Ray Dudley, returned to the company last year and often talks her up on social media. And while much of her work while on Impact might have seemed better suited to the Divas era WWE is moving away from, things like the brand split and the rumored Women's tournament for WWE Network will leave the company looking for experienced females with established names.

Sky herself recently talked to Justin Barrasso about heading to WWE, something she says has been her goal since getting into the wrestling business almost ten years ago, for an interview just posted at Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard blog:

I think I would do well there.

The women there are killing it, and empowering and building up the women would be a great role for me. Bayley is so much fun to watch wrestle. She has so much energy and passion, and the people feel her energy and feed off that. She’s so great at expressing herself, and she’s so genuine. Nattie Neidhart is also someone I’d love to work with. I’ve known her for a long time, and she is someone that I look up to and respect. She’s someone I’d love to learn even more from.

Even though she left college to train as a wrestler and came up through independent promotions, a lot of fans dismiss her as a model-type. Sky acknowledges the role her looks have played in her career, but defends her wrestling and the other elements she brings to the ring:

Looks are a big part of my career... But looks can be deceiving–at the end of the day, I know how hard I worked to get there.

I’m not the best wrestler in the world, but I have an emotional connection to the crowd.

No one can take away from the entertainment side of what I bring to the ring. I feed off the crowd, and they’re the ones who inspire and motivate me in the ring.

Sky thinks the fact that she hasn't been with the company yet is a mark in her favor, as she'd bring a fresh perspective and motivated attitude of she got the call now, at age 34:

I’ve never stopped learning, so I’m glad I have not worked there yet. All I ever wanted in the business was a chance, an opportunity. If I get that with WWE, I’ll give so much.

Check out the whole interview for more about leaving TNA, her relationship with Bubba Ray and more.

A stint in WWE is clearly something Velvet wants very badly. Will she get one? Do you think she should?

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