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WWE Raw preview (May 30, 2016): Superman returns

It's probably about as bad a night as WWE could imagine in terms of competition (outside of going against something like a football game with a playoff berth on the line on Christmas Eve), but there's nothing they can do about basketball's biggest draw since Michael Jordan in an elimination game on a national holiday - with the hockey finals starting at the same time.

Thank goodness Vince McMahon has his biggest gun cocked and ready for Raw from Green Bay, Wisconsin tonight!

The Headliner

Just wanted to get you warmed up for some..BRRRR APPLEDOUGH!

Jokes and hyperbole aside, John Cena's latest remarkable return from injury is different from previous comebacks - and not just because he's 39 years old with a part-time gig hosting a morning news/talk show.

When the 15 time champ left for surgery on his shoulder at the beginning of the year, The Authority was still a thing, Seth Rollins was on the disabled list himself, AJ Styles worked for New Japan, the women still competed for the Divas title and half the tag division wasn't on the roster.

Despite his maintaining he's a WWE lifer, the full-time wrestler part of his career is winding down. Where does Cena fit in this "new era"? The WWE Universe has some ideas... tonight, we'll find out from the Franchise Player himself.

The Title Scene

Ever since he slid back into the ring at Extreme Rules, Rollins has had his sights set on one thing... the WWE World Heavyweight championship he never lost, currently held by his former tag partner Roman Reigns. They'll be fighting for it at Money in the Bank, but it's doubtful the Architect will leave Reigns alone until June 19.

After swapping out sidekicks in a much discussed promo last Monday night, what's next for Women's champ Charlotte? She clearly thinks she's upgraded from Ric Flair to Dana Brooke... will the rest of the division, and especially whoever ends up her next challenger, agree? Based on how things looked on Thursday, Natalya's not done with the champ - but she may need some back-up to handle Brooke.

Both the Intercontinental and United States titleholders fended off challenges on SmackDown. Rusev, who's promised to hold the red, white and blue belt for seven years, is already circling a fight with the recently reinstated Titus O'Neil. Most of The Miz's rivals for the IC strap are in the ladder match at the next pay-per-view (PPV). Maybe that title will be taking a break while its owner and his lovely wife make a movie?

The New Day just defended their tag team championship when they beat the Vaudevillains at Extreme Rules, so they're probably due for a month off.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- There's still one slot open in the next PPV's signature match. Who will join Alberto Del Rio, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose and Cesaro when they try to climb a ladder and grab a contract for a guaranteed WWE title shot at a time and place of their choosing?

- We know how Enzo Amore is doing now that he's returned from the concussion he suffered at Payback. Before he and Big Cass go after the Vaudevillains for the blow which (kayfabe) caused him to be stretchered out of Chicago, they've got to finish their issues with those big SAWFTIES the Dudley Boyz. Those teams go at it tonight.

- Another lingering feud for a NXT call-up may be blown off tonight, when Dolph Ziggler grapples with Baron Corbin. Their "technical wrestling match" is supposed to favor the Show-Off, but the Lone Wolf may just end Dolph's days anyway.

- AJ Styles informed Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows last week he'd prefer if they keep business separate from their friendship, a request that will undoubtedly be honored, resulting in no issues between the three men or any Irish dudes who may or may not have demon blood.

- Tyler Breeze & Fandango keep beating Goldust & R-Truth.

- Epico & Primo think flowers smell good.

Three weeks until Money in the Bank!!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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