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Cageside Live! The 'Classy bears' edition

One thing's for sure - I'm making no promises about Game of Thrones spoilers.

It may or may not be because Geno was on the run from angry Thrones watchers (not to be confused with Throne watchers like Rusev) that we almost didn't have a show today. But Mrosko had notes, so here we are... all set to argue about Becky Lynch and Emma.

The other rumor going around the internet was that the General walked out of the cSs offices following a contract dispute, but since it looks like that's been settled, we can probably just talk about Ryback's situation.

So tune in at 1:00PM Eastern (or whenever you can fit it into your schedule via YouTube or iTunes) for that, and probably some giggling about Bray Wyatt's version of "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears".

If you do watch/listen live, shoot us your questions in the comments below or on Twitter... sometimes we even get to them!

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