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Wrestlers tell us which dead celebrity they'd like to meet

Over WrestleMania weekend, some wrestlers were nice enough to answer a very specific time machine question.

If you had access to a time machine, but you could only use it to go back in time and hang out with someone who is now dead, who would it be?

ABYSS: Gosh, man, these are good questions. Let me think about that one for a second.I would say Syd Barrett, from Pink Floyd. I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan. I'd like to [see] when they were together. Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, [Richard] Wright. I liked them when they were all together. The [creativity] they all had. And Syd Barrett was such a creative mind behind it all. Kind of cut short early, you know? But I'd say Syd Barrett.

AL SNOW: Leonardo da Vinci. Fascinating. I take that back. Nikola Tesla. I think that I would find him equally, if not more, fascinating. He got bumped big time. But such an amazing, ahead-of-his-time intellect. The more that I read about, find out, it's incredible the things that -- the thoughts, ideas. But Leonardo da Vinci was so far ahead of his time in his understandings of concepts of physics and ideas that -- and the fact that the man could literally write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

BULL JAMES (fka Bull Dempsey): Bruiser Brody. Or JFK.

BILLY GUNN: Boy, that's a hard one. I'm trying to think. Let's go with Jimi Hendrix.

CHUCK TAYLOR: Jimi Hendrix would be cool. Me and the Ass Man are on the same wavelength.

COLT CABANA: I would party with Genghis Khan from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I guess it would be Genghis Khan, but only assuming that he's like [he is in] Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Just assuming that that's exactly what he was like. Which we can only assume, because it was in the movies.

MUHAMMAD HASSAN: Probably Jesus. Figure out everything that's going on. If it was true, or ... I think that would be one of the more interesting [people] to have a party with. Probably wouldn't be the greatest of parties. Drinking wine. You'd never run out of wine. That would probably be a good reason to do it. I'm big into Rome, man. All those Roman emperors probably throw a hell of a party, too.

SHAWN DAIVARI: Oh man, that's hard. Do I have to know them? Yeah I would probably say someone in the entertainment industry that partied hard. Maybe like, when they were off and to the races, Guns N Roses. When they were partying hard, Guns N Roses. Oh, it has to be a dead person? Maybe their careers are dead, if that counts.

EDDIE EDWARDS: I think it'd be cool to go hang out with George Washington and just see what's going on in the world at the time. I'll let him know what happens, too.

RODERICK STRONG: I'm trying to think what would be my ideal person. Elvis.

EXCALIBUR: I'm gonna bring it down to a super dark place, but I think my mom. She passed away when I was very little. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with her. For a funny answer? Actually, recency bias, but I think Garry Shandling seemed pretty cool.

KENNY KING: Holy cow. Just one, huh? This is gonna sound ridiculous, but I think I wanna party with Heath Ledger. I think that that's one of those parties, that ... that's memorable.

NEVILLE: Hmmm. My answer I want to say, I can't say. I'll try to think. I think maybe Winston Churchill, just simply because I have so much respect for the man. He was a great leader and he won the war for both the English and the Americans and he brought the English, Americans and Russians together, which eventually ended World War II. He's certainly someone that I'd be very interested to spend an afternoon with.

CHRIS HERO: One dead person. Goddamn. We're at a wrestling convention, so I'm thinking wrestling. I got to meet him a couple times and he was cool as hell, but I would like to have spent more time with Eddie Guerrero and [gone] up and down the roads with him and worked with him. That's what comes to my brain, right this moment.

LANCE ARCHER (fka Lance Hoyt): I would say Jesus, but you said dead and he's not dead to me. He's alive and well, in my opinion. So let's say Abraham Lincoln, just because he's so influential, obviously, in America, and what he's done for anybody and everybody. It'd be kinda cool to sit down and have a conversation with him.

HEIDI LOVELACE: And it doesn't have to be a wrestler, it's just anybody? I'm gonna say probably Kurt Cobain. It'd be chill. Those are the kind of parties I like. I like to kick back and have a nice beer and just relax a little bit. He'd probably get into a little bit more of the harder stuff that I'm not really into, but ... probably Kurt Cobain.

CATRINA: Marilyn Monroe.

MELISSA SANTOS: Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. You would have to have them all. Frank Sinatra, like shooting Ocean's Eleven. I would just want to go to Vegas, like the Sahara and the Flamingo.

BRIAN MYERS (fka Curt Hawkins): Maybe Chris Candido?

HARRY SMITH JR: Oh, my father. Absolutely. For sure. Outside of wrestling? Miyamoto Musashi, the famous swordsman. I'm a big fan of his. His Book of Five Rings, I actually went to the area where he wrote The Book of Five Rings in Kumamoto, Japan, in the cave. If I could go back in time and meet him, he would be the guy.

MATT SYDAL: Well, I mean, to go back in time to hang out with a dead person, they would be alive at that time we're talking about? I'd like to sit down with any of these famed prophets of most religions. Any kind of Muhammad, or Jesus, or Buddha, or Gandhi, or ... Any of these guys.

ROCKSTAR SPUD: My grandmother. I miss my nan and grandfather. Just to show her I did it. I know that's weird. I got a bit upset there, got a little teary. I think it's all the alcohol from yesterday making me emotional.

ZACK SABRE JR: Hmm. Jack Kerouac. But maybe with less liver-destroying drinking sessions. Just maybe like a few piss-ups. That'd be good.


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