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Is Kevin Owens this good, or are fans from Wisconsin 'idiots'?

He wasn't the number one pick in our fantasy brand split draft for nothing, folks...

Kevin Owens has a long history with the fans of Wisconsin - a history that goes back to his days in Ring of Honor (ROH) when he worked under his legal name. Unlike in WWE, the wrestler we now know as KO wasn't always a heel for that promotion. Perhaps because of that, Owens has even been quoted as saying one or two nice things about America's Dairyland.

He's been trying to make up for it ever since.

Sunday night (May 30) in the state capital of Madison, home to one of the prestigious public universities in the United States, Owens took a big step toward establishing his heel credentials in the Badger State.

And he did it using the goodwill he'd earned in the past to portray Wisconsin fans as "idiots" (his word, not mine):

Yep, that's a building full of cheeseheads chanting "USA" at two Canadians.

Maybe my boss, noted Chicago Bears fan Geno Mrosko, was right about Wisconsin.

Or, considering Toronto chanted "We the People" for Jack Swagger at Roadblock, maybe proud Canuck Owens should keep things in perspective.

(Either way, KO rules)

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