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How to referee at Lucha Underground

"The role of a Lucha referee is safety first. Beyond that, it's enforcing the rules."

"The biggest challenge here at Lucha Underground is the language barrier. We have a lot of different languages being spoken. We definitely have to make sure that we are holding down the fort in there."

"Communication is very key. Counts are made, disqualifications are made necessary. That's the role of the referee, to call it down the middle."

"When it comes to the intensity level, there's a very high risk of these guys getting permanently injured."

"When you have an owner like Dario Cueto, he has a tendency to change things to his liking. To change the rules on us, instantaneously, in the middle of a match, it's happened. Whenever he's in a good mood, we need to be on our toes because with our boss, you just never know."

"One time I had to deal with 10 luchadors in the ring all at the same time. Everybody was jumping out of the ring and such. It's unbelievable. Never a dull moment here at Lucha Underground."

"There has been some times people just aren't fighting fair and don't want to abide by the rules so they take out their frustration and anger on the referee."

"For me, the number one moment I'll never forget: Vampiro revealing himself as the master."

"Grave Consequences with Fenix and Mil Muertes -- Mil Muertes literally busted open Fenix. The visciousness of that was very tense."

"Gift of the God's match, 7 combatants in the ring at the same time, and they're all vying for the same thing. Cage slamming the head of The Mack through the cinderblock. The dive that Angelico did. My first reaction was 'oh my god, is he dead or is he alive? Angelico, why did you do this?' It sends chills down my spine just thinking about it."


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